Christmas is coming, which means gifting time !!! I've put together a holiday wish list in a way to showcase my style and what I would get myself this holiday.

4. Cut out activewear, and more 
5. Zariah unlined bralette set
6. Rory contour bralette set

I have been eyeing on a few items from Adore Me lately. Adore Me is an online fashion retailer based in NYC. They specialise in lingerie, workout clothes and pyjamas. You can also create your own "showroom" by taking a mini quiz on your preferred style.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for sticking around although I have not posted in ages. I will be updating/revamping my whole blog again real soon so keep a look out for it. If you haven't known already, I am currently living in London so the contents of my blog might change too. Leave any suggestions in the comments below.

Off shoulder top - BLAQMAGIK LVRS
Culottes - Room8008

Hey beautiful people !! I know I have been away from my blog for quite some time but here's a brand new outfit post I collaborated with ChrizPhoto. Having seen many rooftop photoshoots on FaceBook and blogs, I thought to myself, " how hard can it be ?", little did I know, I had to bare the sunlight, avoid squinting my eyes and climb walls. But it was fun indeed. I would do it over and over again. The photographer really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone so check his page out :) 

For this outfit, I paired this unique off shoulder top with black culottes. The whole look itself is very minimalistic and it draws attention to the details like the bows on the side of the sleeves. Tops like this are definitely in trend as you will see in stores at ZARA and Bershka. If you're going for a more laid back yet elegant look,  switch up your bottoms to jeans and put on a pair of heels. With culottes, it definitely dresses things up for a innocent and formal look. 
The 90's choker is totally having its moment right now! It's a hit or a miss, really. I personally don't fancy chokers with pendants on it. I gravitate towards the simple side. You can easily DIY your own with some ribbon and velcro/clasps but lazy bum like me decided to purchase it online ( to top up for free shipping hehehe ). 

So I guess that's about it. Thank you so much for reading. Do check out my older posts if you haven't. If you like this post,  comment down below and if you're a freelance photographer, hit me up at or DM me @regina.ckm on Instagram :) 

BAMMMM ! And I am back once again with another haul. The reasons why I don't really do hauls are because I don't want to seem as if I am bragging about my stuff and I usually purchase items that were already trending months or even years ago. But my readers seem to enjoy hauls ? But first, a heads up, this Sephora haul do consists of products that were already hyped years ago.

I've only found my love for makeup about 1.5 years ago so I was used to purchasing makeup from Maybelline as a beginner cause drugstore prices are hands down the best. Slowly, I progressed into Sephora and I started getting addicted to makeup tutorials and hauls on YouTube. So I hope my haul will help girls out there who are still experimenting. Keep reading to the bottom to find out how you can shop while earn money at the same time ( or just scroll haha )

Naked palette, RM 215 - As much as I want to get all 3 Naked palettes, I do not have the money to splurge on all three. So this is my best pick among all. I have a warm skin tone and the colours in this palette goes really well as it is stocked with bronze-hued warm tones. I believe the Naked Palette 2 works better on cool skin tones. On a better note, Naked Palette 3 is not exclusively for warm or cool skin tones, it works for everyone. Despite that, I was still gravitated to the original palette as it has more variety of colours. 

Tartelette Tarte palette, RM175- This is my favourite palette so far. The quality of these shadows are out of this world. This palette is strictly only matte shades. Matte shadows may tend to be hard to work with, but these are incredible !! The shadows are so blendable and easily buildable. No makeup makeup or Smokey eye ? No problem ! Just all in one palette. The only thing people get bummed about is that the names of the shades are written on the piece of plastic cover to protect the shadows. Since I'm not a beauty guru, this isn't really a problem for me.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer, RM 130- I'm sure everyone have already heard about this MAGNIFICENT bronzer. No words can describe how much I love it ! I'm obsessed with it as it's so natural and buildable. Whenever I smack this bronzer on my chubby cheeks, it instantly contours my face. A little goes a long way.  

NYX Butter Gloss ( Cupcake ), RM 26- I bought this gloss when I was still in that stage of finding out the perfect shade for my skin tone. And you guessed it, the pinkish shade isn't what I'll go for. But it really gives me that innocent look so I still keep it. I only use on occasions where I won't be outdoors cause I really hate it when hair gets stuck to my lips when it's windy ( ugh ) 

NYX Eyebrow Pencil, RM24 - This product was kind of an impulse buy. I was really in a need for an eyebrow pencil and this was the cheapest option I could go for. To my surprise, it works wonders. The brush on the other end came to be really handy. Black suits my hair colour but I use it only very lightly because the colour payoff is superior.

I'm not sure if you guys realized it, but Sephora prices do increase. As I remembered, I bought my Naked Palette for RM199 and now it's selling for RM215 like whatttt ?!?!?! ( P.s : All the prices stated above are updated ).

So recently I've stumbled upon ShopBack from Youtube and I started doing a little research. ShopBack is now in Malaysia too !!! ShopBack gives you cashback and daily deals when you shop online. That's both Discount + Cashback ! How amazing is that ? Now it won't cost you a pretty penny when shopping in Sephora.

Here's an example :

Head over to for the latest Sephora coupons. And say, you are interested in buying the Naked Palette that costs RM215 online. With 8.0% cashback, you will receive RM 17.20 back and the total amount that you'll spend is RM 197.80.  You're welcome !!! ( haha )

ShopBack have the best deals for other brands such as Zalora, GROUPON, Hermo, Althea Korea and many more too. If you still need more information as to how ShopBack works, here's a video :

SIGN UP NOW and you'll automatically get RM 5. Earn another RM 5 when you make your first purchase :)
I'm sharing this website with you guys because it really works and you'll thank me later.

Thank you for reading. Till next time :)

Hello there ! So this will be my last outfit post for the year of 2015. I've certainly not been able to post more looks than expected this year but I'm glad I improved. Therefore, I take this chance to thank every one of you reading my blog or stopping by. It means a lot to me. 
For the criticism and suggestions, I do look into it and hope to integrate it in future posts in 2016. I'll definitely look at the minor factors to refine my blog and the quality of it. 

Back to the main point of this outfit, the bohemian fashion and vibe always captivate me so it makes more sense if I create one last bohemian look before 2015 ends. If you're wondering about what the title means, it describes my top as it has two slits ( although it might look like it only has one, it's hard to model it without looking like I'm doing wushu ).

So, that's about it ! Outfit details and info will be at the bottom of this blog post. Enjoy and hope you like it. 

Here's a random B&W photo because I'm loving the edit by Jessica Lia.

Top - Forever 21
Denim short - ZARA 
Laced up sandals - Cotton On 

Photography credits : Jessica Lia at Evening Sun Photographs 
Do check out her Flikr page too >
Props by : Jessica Lia 

Hi guys ! Here's an outfit i literally wore few times a week in the month of December because I can't get over the fact of how comfortable it is. So i'm going to keep it real. There are definitely days I don't feel like dressing up at all. I would be Grinch choosing an outfit, if you know what I mean. This outfit makes me feel really snug so it's hard to pass it up. Yes, I'm an outfit repeater and I find no shame in it.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this outfit post and have a merry christmas :)

Sweater - H&M 
Pants - Cotton On Body 
Shoes - Nike 

I would like to thank Jessica Lia from Evening Sun Photographs for helping me with the shoot and making this blog post possible. Really appreciate her work and how she made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Thank youuuu

Evening Sun Photographs 
Facebook :
Flickr :

CHRISTMAS IS IN 2 DAYS ! And Althea Korea is shipping out orders in their limited edition Chrismas box.  I've recently talked about Althea Korea on my personal Facebook page because I just really love how their products are so affordable and it is shipped directly from Korea.

Few months ago, i purchased Skinfood's Black Sugar Mask for RM46 from Skinfood's retail store in Sunway Pyramid. When I found out about Althea Korea, I was randomly scrolling through their site until I stumbled upon Skinfood's Black Sugar Mask selling for ONLY RM26. I couldn't believe it. If only I found out about Althea earlier, I could've saved another RM20 !!!! Therefore, I learnt my lesson by checking out their prices before purchasing a particular product from a retail store.

When I heard Althea Korea was sending out Christmas designed boxes, I could not help but to order something ( hehe ) and the company was kind enough to offer me RM100 store credits so i fully utilised it. THANK YOU !

I purchased 4 items in total and they included one free gift in my box which was so kind of them. All the items were securely wrapped with bubble wrap so fret not about fragile items because it was all well taken care of.



First item I got was particularly for my mom as she was looking everywhere for a waterproof eyeliner. Though it was stated on the site that it is long lasting and waterproof, it does not really do the trick. My mom's skin is really oily so it tend to smudge a lot in the middle of the day. 

Price : RM 40  RM 20 
Get it here 


I was so hyped up when i saw this product on the site because i've watched many youtube reviews about it.  I first heard it from SUNDAESINS. She's a Malaysian Youtuber so do check her out :) 

Price : RM 51  RM 27 
Get it here 


If you didn't know yet, I'm a sucker for Bubzvlogz on YouTube and in one of her previous vlogs, she mentioned about this product. She stated that this eye patch showed immediate results so i just got to try it out because i have the worst dark circles anyone can have. 

Price : RM 51  RM35 
Get it here

INNISFREE - Wine Peeling Jelly Softener 

This wine jelly softener flakes up when you scrub it in your skin that helps to remove dead skin cells. Removing dead skin cells is really important and exfoliating should be done at least once a week. I always had a problem removing blackheads on my nose using nose strips, not until i removed my dead skin cells, because the blackheads cannot be pulled out when dead skin cell are clogging up your pores. 

Price : RM 66   RM 33 
Get it here 


For the holiday season, Althea Korea is holding a lucky draw for a flight to Korea. Every purchase order will be entitled one lucky draw ticket as seen in the picture above ! The trip to Korea includes Flight + Hotel ( 5 Days 4 Nights ) + Dinner with Althea. Winners will be announced at 10am, 24th December 2015 on Althea's website so hurrry upppp !!!! 

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